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 Friday, November 05, 2010

Office Clip Art has to be one of my favorite pieces of software.  No, it's not because of lame, cliché clip art like the following:

Look at us, we're busy!

(Although I sometimes like using such clip art in team-wide status mail in order to be ironic.)  Office Clip Art has a lot of good art (and a lot of bad art, too).  When I needed to create lots of graphical buttons for Microsoft Popfly's Game Creator, Office Clip Art was a huge, huge help.  Many of my Windows Phone 7 app icons were also inspired by Office Clip Art.  I've spent lots of time (too much time) perusing the clip art catalog, so I'm more familiar with it than most.  I get a kick out of recognizing pieces of clip art when people use them.  This happens a lot.  Not just on paper signs used by local small businesses, but on banner ads and websites for Fortune 500 companies!

Therefore, I was a bit intrigued when Apple unveiled the new iTunes logo.  I knew it reminded me of a series of Office Clip Art icons (there are many icon sets that share a similar style), and I was pretty sure there was even one with a musical note in it.  Sure enough, there's a somewhat-similar icon, although with a different musical note.  If you combine it with another piece of clip art, you get pretty close:


Then again, there are also pieces of Office Clip Art that are similar to the old iTunes logo, so I'm not sure who is mimicking whom:


(I'm just joking, by the way.  I'm sure that Office Clip Art was not involved when Apple designed their icon!)

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